Monday’s best TV: Strangers; Black Earth Rising; The Undateables

Two big dramas – an academic discovering his dead wife led a secret life and a political thriller from Hugo Blick. Plus: a sympathetic look at two youngsters seeking love

John Simm as Jonah Mulray in Strangers.
 John Simm as Jonah Mulray in Strangers. Photograph: ITV


9pm, ITV

John Simm gives good anguish, so he is the ideal choice to play academic Jonah Mulray in this gripping drama. Mulray flies to Hong Kong on receiving the news that his wife Megan has been killed in a car crash. The last thing she did was to leave a message on his phone, saying: “I’m sorry for what you’re going to find out … meet her and you’ll understand … I’ve got myself into something.” Summoned to identify her body, he discovers she had been leading a secret life. Now his raging, railing search for the truth begins. Mike Bradley

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Zurich

8.30pm, Channel 4

Richard Ayoade returns for another brief excursion, this time to Switzerland in the company of Frank Skinner. Together they share dadaist blessings, muesli memories and a moving account of how the world’s greatest footballer had his career snuffed out at the age of 11. MB

Black Earth Rising

9pm, BBC Two

A close second in the battle of tonight’s big dramas, this political thriller from Hugo Blick stars Michaela Coel as a legal investigator raised in Britain by an international lawyer (Harriet Walter) after being rescued from the genocide in Rwanda. As the riveting eight-part story begins, the pair clash over a controversial case. MB

The Undateables

9pm, Channel 4

The return of a series that raises suspicions about the exploitative tendencies of Channel 4 but turns out to be sympathetic. Tonight, in search of love are James, a young bachelor with Down’s syndrome, Charlotte, whose Asperger’s means she often speaks without a filter, and Mitch, a deaf man seeking Mr Right. David Stubbs

Oceans Apart: Art and the Pacific With James Fox

9pm, BBC Four

Dr Fox explores the deadly impact of colonisation, where exploration and exploitation go arm in arm, in this three-parter tracing Captain Cook’s voyages to the Pacific. This opener tells how the indigenous people held on to their art to survive, amid disastrous contact with the west. Ali Catterall

The Assets


10pm, Alibi

Before she got the keys to the Tardis, Jodie Whittaker beamed back to 1985 for this downbeat, but textured eight-part US drama based on true events. She plays CIA section chief Sandy Grimes, a specialist in Soviet affairs tasked with unmasking a high-level traitor; the first four episodes are stripped across the week. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game.
 Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. Photograph: Allstar/Black Bear Pictures

The Imitation Game (Morten Tyldum, 2014), 6.45pm, Film4

Dressed up as an old-fashioned war yarn about the Enigma code, Morten Tyldum’s film is a celebration of Bletchley Park’s hero, the mathematician Alan Turing, who was scandalously mistreated for his homosexuality. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance is the centrepiece. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Test Cricket: England v India 10.30am, Sky Sports Cricket. The fourth day’s play.

Uefa Nations League Football: Scotland v Albania 7.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Coverage of the Group C1 match from Hampden Park.

NFL: Detroit Lions v New York Jets 11.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event. A match from the opening round of fixtures, from Ford Field.

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